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[[Lieutenant Stone and his officer have lead Agent 18 to Nick's room, where Trudy is still sitting in a wheelchair at his side.]]
Lieutenant: Here they are. The hospital's head doc, Granger, won't let me talk to the woman 'til she's "rested." Man's in a coma. Doubt you'll have better luck.

Agent 18: [looking into the room and seeing Trudy] $#!&.
Lieutenant: [misunderstanding] Yep, that's pretty much what they look like right now.

Agent 18: [turning, stalking down the hall] I don't want anyone near them except recognized hospital staff, not until I get to talk to them. Where's this Granger?
Lieutenant: All over, but she'll be back soon enough.

[[Agent 18 storms off past Bob the Janitor, who watches him pass. Stone and his subordinate watch in the foreground.]]
Officer: Cheery fellow.
Lieutenant: I don't want that G-Man alone with our witnesses. Got it?

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