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[[Agent 18 and Trudy sit next to Nick in his room, as Doctor Granger and Bob the janitor stand outside the window. Trudy finally breaks the silence.]]
Trudy: Look, Agent #18... I'm sorry about what my counterpart did to --
Agent 18: [interrupting and correcting her] That YOU beat the $#!& out of me in that snow storm? I'm not here to rehash history, "Stratego."

Trudy: [shocked] You... know? How?
Agent 18: [grinning] I'm an insufferable %@s&#$* and you're horrible at playing innocent. Pegged you the instant you first opened your mouth. But that's not important.

Agent 18: What IS important is what you saw and heard at Lakatos last night. I need to know EVERYTHING. I need to know what YOU know about the Colonel and the Key Master...

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