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[[Officer Stone holds Nick's I.V. in one hand, hypodermic needle in the other]]
Stone: Just a tiny prick to your IV, and you'll never have to worry about anything ever again...
Janitor: Stop right there.

[[Janitor is shown as a shadowy figure holding a revolver pointed at Stone]]
Janitor: Well, well. Of all the suspects drifting in and out of here, I never pegged YOU as the "Lakatos Killer", Stone.
Stone: The Janitor. You have no idea what you're interrupting.

Janitor: I know you're about to kill this man which isn't a very law abiding thing to do. And I can't let you do that.
Stone: How noble. Living up to your good Samaritan image?

[[Cloaked in shadow, the janitor aims his revolver directly at the reader.]]
Janitor: Hardly. Nobody gets to kill Nick Wellington except for ME.

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