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[[Fooker is holding up a completed server.]]
Fooker: That about covers it. Signed, sealed, and delivered. Next I'd load the disk image with the OS and other software, but the rest of this hardware comes first.

[[Fooker hands a startled Patty a handful of tools.]]
Fooker: That's one of 15. Two of us, seven boxes each. Strip down and rebuild should take 15 minutes each, so we're looking at two hours tops. Times a wastin'.

Patty: I don't know... It's not THAT big of a job. The motherboard is half the work. I'd say ten minutes per box and we're done in just over an hour.

Fooker: [getting serious] Challenge accepted. Loser has to do Dwayne's pointless quarterly software license inventory check-up.
Patty: [smirking] You're on.

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