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[[Ki, Trudy, and Nega-Nick (impersonating "our" Nick) have arrived back at GPF headquarters after their lunch. Ki is pushing Nega-Nick's wheelchair, while Trudy follows behind them both as they walk through the front door.]]
Ki: We'll try again next week. Maybe the weekend will give you both a chance to remember something new.

Nega-Nick: [scowling a bit] Oh, I'll bet there HAS to be some ancient ghost we can resurrect given enough time to stew upon it...

[[A woman holding a stack of papers backs away from the table in the lobby and bumps into Nega-Nick's wheelchair, which tips over backwards leaving Nega-Nick's feet thrashing in mid-air. As she apologizes and turns we see that it's Trish.]]
Trish: Oh! S-sorry!

Trish: [Looking down at Nega-Nick] Oh, f-f-fiddlesticks! I j-just s-stopped b-by to p-pick up my emp-p-ployment p-papers!

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