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[[After Greg and Knuth join the others at the arcade, they face off against Scott and Tim, with Sharon, Patty, and Fooker watching from the sidelines.]]
Scott: Gregory... Knuth... I see thy hair gel budget hath doubled...
Greg: Classy as always, Scott. Explain yourselves.

Scott: [angrily] What is there to explain? We hath been summoned. thePR0PH3T is about to reveal the identity of "the One." Our candidates are present.
Greg: I doubt that.

[[Greg and Knuth pull a reluctant person into the room by his arm. The young man is cloaked in shadow, so his face is not visible.]]
Greg: WE were the ones summoned, and instructed to bring OUR candidate. If thePR0PH3T sent for you, it is to declare your defeat.

[[Sharon and Fooker stare wide-eyed at a grimacing Yoshi.]]
Fooker: Well, now. This is a slightly unexpected turn of events...

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