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[[thePR0PH3T has joined the meeting at the old Fifth Quarter Arcade, surprising all in attendance.]]
Fooker: So this must be "thePR0PH3T."
thePR0PH3T: That's correct, Fooker. I can finally thank you in person for your help.

thePR0PH3T: [addressing everybody, but facing Scott and Greg] You were all summoned because there are several candidates for "the One," all of whom meet the qualifications. I mean to settle these claims once and for all.

Fooker: [gesturing at Yoshi] So the pimply-face youth here actually has a claim to the throne?
[[Yoshi glares at Fooker.]]
thePR0PH3T: Yes, even under the revised tests.

Sharon: [glaring skeptically at thePR0PH3T] And just how, pray tell, did you prove that he's "insatiable"?
thePR0PH3T: [grinning] He's a teenager. That comes by default.

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