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[["thePR0PH3T" has just surprised both factions of The Brotherhood with an announcement of another candidate for "the One", and both Scott and Greg have responded disbelievingly.]]
thePR0PH3T: One item at a time, brothers. Yes, there is another candidate, a fifth if we count Fooker and Sharon's potential child.

Greg: Wait... You don't mean...?
Scott: YOU know of this candidate?
thePR0PH3T: Greg knows OF him, but so far he has proven... elusive.

thePR0PH3T: We have tracked his movements online, and his apparent depth of knowledge merits giving him the test. However, I am taking it upon myself to administer it.

thePR0PH3T: If and only if he passes the initial tests, then I will reveal his identity to the rest of you.
[[Sharon and Fooker confer in whispers off to the side.]]
Sharon: [whispering to Fooker] Maybe then we'll be off the hook.
Fooker: [whispering back to Sharon] Better than Yo-Yo getting it.

References: Could this be who "thePR0PH3T" refers to...?
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