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[["thePR0PH3T" has surprised both factions of The Brotherhood with the news that there is a fifth candidate for "the One" as well as a final test.]]
thePR0PH3T: Now, as to the final test... In the advent of multiple candidates, the prophecy does speak of a final, tie-breaking test.

Scott: And why have you not mentioned this before?
thePR0PH3T: Because I only discovered it recently, since we last talked. Remember, the prophecy analysis is a process. It refines over time.

thePR0PH3T: That said, the final test will require time to prepare, time enough to identify and test the remaining potential candidate. When the time is right, I will assemble you again to administer it.

Fooker: So... no study guide? Cheat sheet? Cliff's notes?
thePR0PH3T: [grinning] Nope. Any foreknowledge will ruin the test. You'll be on your own.

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