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[[After inviting Dex to a renaissance fair, Trish walks away leaving Dexter talking to Patty.]]
Patty: So... Are you interested in going to this renaissance fair thing?
Dex: Eh... Why not?

Dex: It sounds like something right up my alley. It might even give me a few ideas for my next D&D campaign with Lynn and the guys.

Dex: [accusingly] Besides, it's not like I have anything ELSE to do this weekend after SOMEONE chickened out of my bowling challenge...
Patty: I don't "do" bowling shoes, alright?

[[Trish sticks her head around the corner from where she's obviously been listing to the conversation.]]
Trish: Y-you can s-still come along if y-you like. I m-might have a s-spare c-corset you can b-borrow...
Patty: Fine. I'll go. But I don't "do" corsets either.

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