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[[Her conversation with "Nick" finished, Ki leans back on the bed in her hotel room, thinking to herself.]]
Ki: [thinking] Well, nuts... By the time they get home it'll be too late to call, especially if he has that Goodman meeting first thing in the morning...

[[She sits up, looking at the clock which reads 5:45.]]
Ki: [thinking] And it's still fairly early for me. I could grab a bite, but THEN what am I going to do?

[[She picks up her tablet.]]
Ki: [thinking] I could sit here in my room... alone... AGAIN... and read a book, but I just finished one and don't really want to start another...

Ki: [thinking, a sly look on her face] Well, THAT won't do. I'm going to go out and have FUN. I'm going to do all the stuff I never get to do with Nick around.

References: "Goodman"
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