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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[["Nick" (in reality, "Nega-Nick") and Trudy are packing bags into the back of a car to get ready for their trip.]]
Trudy: Besides, I'm beginning to worry about how that might look, with Ki out of town...
Nega-Nick: [Annoyed] Everyone knows what we're up to...

[[The view changes to inside of the car's trunk facing the characters. Trudy is putting a bag in the trunk as Nega-Nick reaches his hand out toward her right shoulder.]]
Trudy: True, but Sharon confided in me the other day that it's starting to look bad, even to her.
Nega-Nick: If it'll help, we can talk to her--

[[Trudy looks at Nega-Nick angrily. Nega-Nick has a shocked expression on his face.]]
Trudy: [Angrily] DON'T. TOUCH. ME.

[[A slightly different angle of the scene in the previous panel.]]
Nega-Nick: I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean--
Trudy: You are _not_ to touch me this entire trip. Understand?

References: Sharon confides in Trudy; Could this be why Trudy is so touchy...?
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