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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[At Underwood Insurance Trudy is talking to Annette Morris, her point of contact there.]]
Annette: So that should be most of the paperwork out of the way. Nick is talking to our I.T. department now, right?
Trudy: They should be just finishing up.

Annette: Excellent! He seems to be a real technical wizard. Dwayne sure knows how to pick aces like you two!
Trudy: [bowing slightly] Thank you, Ms. Morris.

Annette: Oh, call me Annette. Now, Ms. Underwood had to leave town suddenly, so she apologies that she can't fix that "special recipe" she promised you.
Trudy: [with a sad (but relieved) smile] Oh, and we were SO looking forward to it...

Annette: [turning and starting to walk away] So Gerald and I are to take you to Château Escargots. It's a bit ritzy, so I hope you packed a little black dress...
Trudy: [slumping visibly] I might have something I can throw on...

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