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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[["Nega-Nick" stands outside Trudy's hotel room with a confident smirk. The following conversation takes place within his head between himself and the alien fused to his body.]]
Alien: You _do_ realize that you are a cruel sadistic contriver...
"Nega-Nick": I'll take that as a complement.

[["Nega-Nick" begins to walk down the hall while unbuttoning his suit jacket.]]
Alien: I _still_ fail to understand exactly _what_ it is you want from her, besides sexual intercourse...
"Nega-Nick": This isn't about sex. It's about _control_.

[[We close in on "Nega-Nick"'s eyes]]
Alien: How is this about "control"? Is this about dominating an old rival? Or is this about testing this new-found ability? Beyond petty manipulation, I fail to see any other relevance.
"Nega-Nick": Patience...

[[We pull back from "Nega-Nick"'s face as he smirks again.]]
Alien: My point is there is no apparent logic to this plan... at least from what you've let me see...
"Nega-Nick": You have your schemes, my friend, and I have mine.

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