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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Holding his hand Ki leads Nick away from the others, as Sharon looks on with a small smile on her face. Nick's glasses are still askew and his eyes are still wide from Ki's kiss a moment ago. Ki approaches Plank (Clone #6626068).]]
Ki: [whispering, to Planck] I need somewhere I can... TALK to Nick... ALONE.
Plank: [whispering] I think the xenobotany lab will be empty for a while...

[[As Ki leads Nick away Sharon has a question for the Greys.]]
Sharon: Pi, Planck... You told us a lot about these "Physarics", but you never showed us what they LOOK like.
Planck: [excitedly] I can fix that!
[[Fooker cocks an eyebrow of mild surprise.]]

[[Planck starts to manipulate the controls on a small electronic device. Fooker, however, seems anxious, even angry, and looks over at Sharon.]]
Fooker: Sharon, you don't...
Pi (clone #3141592): [interrupting] Bear in mind they usually act through their agents, the creatures they control. You'll rarely encounter one alone unless you're its next target.

Pi: As unassuming as they may appear, they're highly dangerous. They are devious and can NEVER be trusted.
[[With a whirring sound the device Planck is holding displays a holographic image of a Physaric. Fooker grimaces in anger and Justin seems a bit disgusted. But Sharon is shocked, seeing a Physaric for the first time and noticing that it looks just like Fred and Persephone.]]

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