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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[27182818, Pi, and Planck are huddled outside a round doorway, trying to eavesdrop on Nick, Ki, Sharon, Fooker, and Justin, who are inside the room beyond, huddled in their own private conversation. The aliens whisper among themselves.]]
27182818: Can you hear anything, 3141592?
Pi: Barely, if you can keep 6625058 quiet...

27182818: I wonder who they're talking to...
Pi: The Grand Protuberance will have space kittens when he finds out they've broken radio silence.

Planck: Hey, 27182818! I just realized I haven't given you a nickname yet! They're all the rage! I'm Planck, and 314 is now Pi!
27182818: N-nickname...?

Planck: I'm going to call you "E", because you're an exciting, eloquent expert with elegant elocution!
[[Pi turns toward Planck, gritting his teeth.]]
Pi: I'm going to excavate your epididymis if you don't keep quiet!
[[The commotion briefly draws the attention of the humans, who look over their shoulders back toward the doorway and the Greys.]]

References: The Grand Protuberance; Where Drone #27182818 got his number; A word of warning: some search engine results for "epididymis" might be NSFW...
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