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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nega-Nick is talking to the two unnamed Physarics that followed him from the small Syncytium pool earlier. We see a number of other Physarics in the background, perched on tiered ledges on the walls that surround the pool.]]
Physaric 1: You should act quickly. There will be a few hours before the rendezvous. You may need that time to gain control before we need to make contact.

Nega-Nick: [rising to his feet] Alright then. Lead the way.
Physaric 2: You may wish to avoid the main arteries. We are still technically outnumbered.

Nega-Nick: [scowling] Can you get me to the Syncytium unseen?
Physaric 1: Yes, although it will become more difficult the closer we approach.

[[Nega-Nick bends down and picks up the two aliens, one in each hand.]]
Nega-Nick: [smirking] Then we'll handle whatever resistance we encounter when we get there. Let's do this.

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