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[[As Nick and Ki stand and get ready to move away, Trudy interrupts them.]]
Trudy: [hesitantly] Wait... There's... one more thing...

[[Nick and Ki turn back to her, and she faces them reluctantly, almost apologetically.]]
Trudy: There's... something ELSE we need to talk about. Not here, not now... In private. I... did something that you need to know about.

Trudy: I want Ki there too. It affects her as well; she deserves to know. Just... hear what I have to say before you judge me.
[[Nick remains deadpan, while Ki cocks a surprised eyebrow.]]

[[Nick and Ki move away from her. She watches sadly as they walk away, seeing Ki glare at her over her shoulder. Nick speaks as they start to walk away.]]
Nick: We have a lot to do, Trudy, but we'll set aside some time later. We'll get to it when we get to it.

References: Could this be what Trudy is alluding to...?
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