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[[Nick is explaining how the ubiquitous grey jumpsuit came to be. As he starts his explanation we see a flashback to him sitting dazed on a Grey examination table, wearing his hospital gown and being evaluated by two Grey clones.]]
Nick: When the Greys first beamed me aboard I only wore a hospital gown and had no memories. Obviously, the longer I stayed, the more pressing my need for REAL clothing became.

[[We see another flashback of Nick (from behind), standing in front of three Grey clones that are appraising his clothing. He is clad in a VERY conforming grey jumpsuit. He's facing away from us, looking down at himself in surprise.]]
Nick: [off-panel] "At first the Greys tried to adapt their own jumpsuits for me, but those proved to be... um, a bit too revealing. I insisted on something more practical."

[[We see another flashback of Nick, wearing what appears to be a bathrobe. His hair has grown noticeably longer and wilder. While two Grey clones are presenting him clothing options - one of them an extremely skimpy women's lingerie... - he is holding a tablet and directing their attention to a different jumpsuit design.]]
Nick: [off-panel] "They had amassed a small collection of human clothes based on their previous abduction experiments, but I nixed those as well. That's when I outlined the jumpsuit design."

Nick: [back in the present, speaking to the girls] I wanted something I could be comfortable in, something I could work and get dirty in.
Trudy: [sarcastically] I guess crawling on the floor in a mini-dress could get awkward...

References: "Previous abduction experiments"; "Human clothes"
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