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[[Dexter and Patty are sitting across from each other at a table in a "commons" area of the Greys' ship, with representatives from both species walking by. Trudy approaches, carrying a small box and smiling broadly.]]
Trudy: Patty, in thanks for your assistance with the jumpsuit question, I wanted to honor you with one of our first new uniform redesigns!

[[Patty opens the box and examines its contents.]]
Patty: It's.. a velour mini-dress...
Trudy: [turning to leave, and smiling evilly over her shoulder at Patty] I designed it especially for you. Enjoy!

[[Trudy walks away, as Patty glares daggers at her back. Dex, of course, is eyeing the new uniform closely.]]

Dex: So... are you going to try it on...?
[[Patty's dagger-filled glare turns to Dexter instead.]]

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