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[[Sharon sits bleary-eyed at a desk full of tablets, looking at one of them with her head propped up on one hand. Ki enters the room behind her.]]
Ki: THERE you are! I've been looking everywhere for you...

[[Ki puts her hands on Sharon's shoulders and leans close to Sharon, a concerned expression on her face.]]
Ki: Where have you been? You missed the last two training sessions.
Sharon: Oh, I'm no help there, so I volunteered to review Patty and Trish's code.

Ki: Even at night? Fooker said you never came to bed last night.
Sharon: Well, Nick was hoping to fire up the new MUTEX mods by the end of the week...

Ki: [leaning back, arms crossed, skeptical] You're sneaking off at all hours to covertly peer review code...
Sharon: [hesitantly] Yyyeesss...?

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