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[[Ki and Sharon both rise to their feet and prepare to leave the work room. Ki begins to gather up the various tablets the two of them have been reviewing.]]
Ki: Well, between the two of us, I think we've finished checking this code. We can take our comments back to Patty and Trish tomorrow.

Sharon: [Concerned, almost pleadingly] Do you think all this is going to work, Ki? Do you think we'll ever find Earth, that we'll ever see our family and friends again...?

[[The two women exit the room and enter the adjoining hallway as Ki cradles the tablets in her arms.]]
Ki: Will it work? Who knows. I believe in Nick, so that gives me hope. But even then it could be years--maybe DECADES--before we see our homes again.

[[As the two walk away from the reader, Sharon puts her arm around Ki's shoulder in a sisterly embrace. Ki puts her free arm around Sharon's waist.]]
Sharon: Well, if we HAD to be stuck in space aboard an alien ship, at least it's with friends...

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