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[[Trudy, Sharon, and the African-American woman all turn to watch Ki emerge from another bathroom stall, clutching her stomach with one hand and the opening to the stall in the other. It is obvious that she can barely stand.]]
Ki: [Weakly] I... don't think I... have my "space legs" just yet...

[[As Ki staggers over to them, the African-American woman turns to leave, her face turning stern.]]
Woman: That's it. You three stay here. I'll get a few Greys to take you to the infirmary.
Sharon: I don't think any of us are in a condition to argue with you.

[[Sharon turns to Trudy.]]
Sharon: What hit us? Was it something we ate?
[[Sharon barely finishes her sentence when Ki turns away from them and vomits all over the floor.]]

[[Ki carefully turns back around, wiping her mouth with her sleeve. Sharon covers her mouth with one hand while clutching her stomach with the other, barely preventing herself from following suit.]]
Trudy: [Dryly] Whatever it is, Ki wins.
Ki: [Weakly] S-sorry...

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