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[[Ki, Sharon, and Trudy now sit in the ship's infirmary, all three still looking miserable. Doctor Melanie Granger stands at a nearby counter while Grey Medical Drone #6022140, aka Avogadro, putters about in the background.]]
Granger: And when did this nausea start?
Trudy: This morning.

[[Granger eyes her charges carefully.]]
Granger: Well, Gabrielle was right, the environment on this ship is so sterile it's unlikely a stomach virus would have lasted this long. I'll run some blood tests to be sure.

Granger: [Concentrating] We've had a few folks suffering from indigestion with the "food cubes", but the Greys worked most of those kinks out. And food poisoning is out; see Exhibit A.

[[Granger turns to see Avogadro examining a specimen vial. She narrows her eyes as she strokes her chin.]]
Granger: Unless...

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