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[Comic for Friday, November 18, 2016]


[[Doctor Melanie Granger has just announced that one of Ki, Sharon, and Trudy may be pregnant, but she doesn't know which. Ki and Sharon exchange awkward, knowing glances.]]
Sharon: You hadn't seen Nick for a month...
Ki: And you and Fooker are newlyweds...

[[The two turn to look at Trudy, who is sitting next to them, lost in her own thoughts. While Ki and Sharon's expressions are expectant, Trudy's is somewhat sad.]]

[[Trudy turns to look at the other two, who haven't moved. She is shocked by their stares and quickly turns red with embarrassment.]]

[[Trudy shrugs, spreads her hands in a "who knew?" fashion, and takes on a sheepish, awkward grin.]]
Trudy: It's... a possibility...?
[[Ki and Sharon don't move, but raise their eyebrows in surprise.]]

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