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[[Ki, Sharon, and Trudy exit Doctor Granger's office and enter the adjoining hallway. All three still look miserable, but are sobered by Granger's revelation that at least one of them is pregnant.]]
Sharon: Wow... that was... unexpected. And to think it could be any... or ALL of us...

Sharon: Fooker and I haven't discussed kids yet. We were planning to wait a while for certain, but we haven't decided how long. We definitely didn't imagine it could be THIS soon...

Sharon: [To Ki] Of course, you and Nick have been trying for a while now...
Trudy: [Surprised] You... have?
Ki: [Coldly] Sharon...

Ki: That was SUPPOSED to be a secret, but yes, we've been trying for months. [To Trudy] Then your trip happened, the Nick swap, MY trip... I guess we've been making up for lost time...
[[Sharon grins sheepishly at revealing Ki's secret. Trudy, on the other hand, shows a mixture of concern and frustration.]]

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