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[[Trudy remains seated in the floor, her expression stern and her tears slowly drying. Ki kneels next to her, obviously concerned. Both women look up at Nick, who stands with his back to them and his face away from us. His clenched fist visibly shakes as he barely contains his rage. When he speaks, his voice is stilted and barely controlled.]]
Nick: I... heard what you said, Trudy. I want... to be logical, to be rational, but I'm more than a little upset with you at the moment, so that's exceedingly difficult.

[[He turns slightly, looking over his shoulder. His anger slowly gives way to grim determination.]]
Nick: However, you DIDN'T commit adultery and you DIDN'T break up our marriage. What you did wasn't right, but you hurt yourself more than you hurt us. THAT'S what I'll accept.

[[He turns to face them fully.]]
Nick: I'm much more peeved with "Nega-Nick" right now, but he'll have to wait until we find Earth. He's trapped there, frozen in time, so we'll tackle things one at a time.

[[Our attention switches to Trudy and Ki. Trudy's determination matches Nick's.]]
Trudy: That's where you're wrong, Nick. He's NOT on Earth. Don't ask me where, or how I know, but he's out there, and he's a bigger threat than ever.
[[At this revelation, Ki's eyebrows shoot up in surprise.]]

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