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[[Trudy, Nick, and Ki continue their discussion about Trudy's interactions with "Nega-Nick" and the mysterious "link" between them.]]
Trudy: [Plainly] The "link" only works when I touch skin to skin. Clothing and hair block it, but I saw Granger's thoughts when she took my pulse during my check-up.
[[At this, Ki cringes slightly, slowly and carefully putting a bit more distance between them.]]

[[We see Nick and Trudy in silhouette as they enter a rapid, back-and-forth exchange.]]
Trudy: She wasn't aware it had happened, though...
Nick: Have you used it on anyone else?
Trudy: No, and NEVER intentionally.
Nick: Do you think you can transfer it to someone else?
Trudy: I... don't know.

[[Nick straightens. His face is grim and determined.]]
Nick: We may need to run some controlled experiments: see how it woks, what the limits are. And we should keep this quiet for now, and you must NEVER use it without someone's consent.

[[His eyes narrow.]]
Nick: But we'll come back to that later. For now, tell me everything you know about "Nega-Nick": where is he, how you know... EVERYTHING.
[[Nick's glare is so intense, both Trudy and Ki are taken slightly aback.]]

References: Trudy's check-up
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