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[[Sharon are Trudy are still in the "link", communicating telepathically. As such, their "dialog" occurs entirely within their heads. Sharon has just asked if Trudy is really "her" Trudy from the "prime" universe, rather than "Alt-Trudy" from the "Negaverse", which until now has been our understanding on the extent of Sharon's knowledge.]]
Trudy: [Caught off-guard] W-what? What gave you that--
Sharon: [Harshly] I'm not stupid, Trudy. There've been clues, left by you and the others. I wasn't sure for a long time, but I HAVE had my doubts.

Sharon: THAT Trudy was a lot more confident than you've been since you "turned around" your life. I could TELL you were hiding something. I was HOPING you would TELL me...

Trudy: I... wanted to, but I knew my past bothered you. You wanted to believe so much there was hope for our family. I... couldn't take that glimmer of hope away from you...

Sharon: So you and everyone else LIED about it?
Trudy: [Defensively] Not everyone knows, and those that do were only trying to protect you. Trust me, it's NOT a grand conspiracy.

References: The "Trudy Swap": Trudy says she's staying in the "Negaverse", the pin gets switched, "Alt-Trudy" takes over; Trudy's reasons for keeping Sharon in the dark: (1) (2)
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