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[[Nick and Ki continue to stand in the presence of the Great Skaboola aboard the Grey ship's bridge. The Skaboola has just informed them that another alien race has been snooping in Earth's solar system, searching for the "weapon" that was supposedly used to "destroy" the Earth. Realizing the implication that the Skaboola is calling the MUTEX and Velociraptor a "weapon", Nick is far from pleased.]]
Nick: [Grinding his teeth] The MUTEX is NOT a weapon.
Skaboola: [Smiling sinisterly] Oh, it is not I you must convince. I have observed you long enough to be convinced you have no ulterior motives.

Skaboola: [Narrowing his eyes and dropping his smile] However, our position may have been compromised, and word of this incident has reached the upper echelons of the Grey High Command. They are not as understanding.

[[The Skaboola turns his back to Nick and Ki.]]
Skaboola: The Grand Protuberance will be arriving shortly aboard his flagship. He has orders to bring you to our home world at once.
[[Nick and Ki turn to each other, both surprised.]]
Ki: The PROTUBERANCE... has orders...?

[[The Skaboola's sinister smile returns as he replies over his shoulder.]]
Skaboola: You have been summoned to appear before the Supreme Fu. And this is not a request; failure to comply would be most... unfortunate.

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