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[[The tiny glowing speck that is currently Patty flutters about on tiny wings as the other three members of the "away team" look up at her in mild surprise.]]
Chris: [Sympathetically] Patty? You're... um, SHORTER than I remember...
Patty: [Eying Chris and Trish's new long, pointed ears] Oh, har har. With THOSE ears, you'd think you two could hear me better.

[[Trish cups her hands to provide Patty a landing platform. As she does, we see that Patty is still humanoid, only tiny. Long, insect-like wings protrude from her back.]]
Dexter: What are you supposed to be? A sprite? Maybe a pixie...?
Patty: If you say "leprechaun", I'll give you such a pinch.

[[We finally zoom in to see Patty in detail. She is barely a couple inches (or a few centimeters) in height. She still wears her glasses, but her hair has been pulled up into a tight bun on the top of her head. Relative to her body, her wings are huge, with a span at least as wide as she is tall. She wears a tiny, strapless dress made of leaves that is ridiculously short, barely covering anything.]]
Trish: [Off-panel, but delighted] Y-you're a F-FAIRY!
Patty: [Grumbling] Yeah, well, don't clap your hands if you believe that, please. It won't end well.

[[We pull back enough to see Trish's face, enormous relative to tiny Patty. Trish beams, amused by Patty's predicament.]]
Trish: Y-you look j-just like T-Tinkerbell...
Patty: Well, excuse me, princess! I'll slug you back to Neverland for that one.

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