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[[The "away team" watches helplessly as the bat-like creature that snatched Nick's scanner flies off through the forest, quickly leaving them behind.]]
Chris: [Disheartened] I don't suppose Nick could just make another one...
Dexter: [Annoyed] Even if he could, it'll be a month until he gets back. We HAVE to get that scanner back.

Trish: [Turning to Patty] P-Patty, c-can you c-catch up w-with it?
Patty: I don't think so. Even if I could fly fast enough, I doubt I could lift it at this size.

[[Chris steps forward, grim determination steeling her countenance.]]
Chris: Well, we can't just whistle a tune and go back in time. C'mon, gang. We've got to keep that critter within sight if we're going to catch it.

[[As Chris marches after the creature, the others turn to each other.]]
Patty: If we're Nick's "inner circle", who made HER the boss?
Trish: [Smiling] W-why, sh-she's the H-HERO, of course...

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