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[[As the "away team" continues their search for Nick's scanning device, Dexter pauses to look around.]]
Dexter: Patty, are you SURE this is the way? That tree looks awfully familiar...
Trish: [Also looking about] Ch-Chris j-just c-cleared that p-path. W-we're w-walking in c-circles!

[[Patty hovers in front of the group, putting her tiny hands on her hips defensively.]]
Patty: Well, that bat-thing has been flying circles, then. How long have we been here?
Trish: [Shrugging her shoulders] A f-few hours m-maybe...?

Dexter: [Annoyed] It FEELS like we've been reliving the same three days over and over again...
Patty: [Folding her arms across her chest] Oh, put a sock in it, Captain Hyperbole.
Chris: [Angrily] Shh! Quiet!

[[Chris looks around suspiciously, raising her sword.]]
Chris: [Whispering] We're not alone...
[[Behind her, hiding in the bushes, are three goblin-like creatures readying their weapons to ambush the group.]]

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