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[[A fierce battle has apparently just concluded. Our "away team" stands back-to-back in the enter of a small clearing, surrounded by the prone bodies of seven goblin-like creatures that they've just defeated.]]
Dexter: That's the last of them...
Patty: [Hovering nearby] But we lost the bat-thing in the confusion.

Dexter: [Livid] You LOST it?
Patty: I was trying to avoid getting EATEN!
Dexter: Then what good ARE YOU for?
Patty: It's not like I can exactly FIGHT at this size!
Trish: [Interrupting the argument] Patty! Dex!

[[Trish points an accusatory finger into the feuding pair's faces. While we can't see Patty's face at this size, Dex seems repentant.]]
Trish: F-fighting isn't g-going to h-help things. M-maybe w-we sh-should s-split up. W-we'll c-cover more ground th-that way.

[[Chris steps forward, holding up a bow and quiver of arrows dropped by one of the goblins.]]
Chris: It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

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