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[[The flying disc bearing Nick, Ki, and the Grand Protuberance zips through the air, approaching a large structure. In the side of the structure are a series of circular tunnels burrowing deep into the building's interior. The circular openings are surrounded by additional round nodules and alien writing.]]
Protuberance: We must pass through a series of automated security scanners before reaching the inner sanctum.

[[The disc passes through the opening and begins to rapidly zoom through the tunnel.]]
Protuberance: [Stoically] Presuming you are not carrying any undocumented, concealed technology, this formality should pass quickly.
Nick: [Grimly] I didn't bring anything in anticipation of such a search.

[[Ki reaches down and pulls her smartphone out of her pocket, holding it at eye level.]]
Ki: I guess I should have "declared" this...
[[As she and Nick watch, the phone is dematerialized out of her hand, disappearing in a shower of sparkles indicative of the Grey teleporation effect. Its characteristic <<ZWIRIRIRIRIRING>> sound is heard.]]
Ki: [Deflated] Or not.

[[As they continue to zoom through the scanning tunnel, we see the trio from behind, so we cannot see the Protuberance or Nick's faces. The implication, though, is that their stoic stalemate continues.]]
Protuberance: Your primitive communications device will be returned to you once we leave the complex...
Nick: And all its data has been cloned and archived...
Protuberance: Naturally.
[[Ki turns to her husband, somewhat apologetically.]]

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