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[[The "taxi disc" bearing Nick, Ki, and the Grand Protuberance exits the scanning tunnel and entires a massive, spherical chamber. The chamber is largely empty, circumnavigated by an equatorial ring of similar scanning tunnel exists. In the center is a raised platform. Several towers form a ring around this platform, reaching up from the floor and ending with spherical nodules pointing inward. A similar, larger sphere hangs from a "stalactite" of metal protruding from the ceiling. This sphere is engulfed in some form of crackling energy, which radiates outward with lightning-like fingers toward the chamber's outer walls. On the pedestal in the room's center sits a massive, unmoving object, unidentifiable at this distance and scale, but bearing the general shape of a viscous, semi-fluid mass poured into a heap.]]
Protuberance: [Grandly] The Cynosure... the central locus of all Grey civilization...

[[The disc begins to slow as it nears the central column. As it hovers down for a landing, a booming Grey voice comes from the center of the room, just off-panel.]]
Protuberance: [Respectfully] Yes, Your Splendiferousness.

[[We zoom in on the humans and the Protuberance. The giant Grey bows reverently, closing his eyes as he stretches out his massive arm and gestures ahead of them.]]
Protuberance: Behold, the Supreme Fu...
[[Nick and Ki both look in the direction the Protuberance gestures in, reacting in shock at what they see.]]

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