Geeky Games

Last updated October 21, 2008

Note: We're sorry for the inconvenience, but many of the Geeky Games are currently unavailable. Since this is a very low traffic, infrequently updating portion of the site, it was given very low priority during our server move. The games that are currently available are listed below. We hope to have the rest of the games ported over and available again soon. You can keep checking this page for updates, or just watch the News.

Simple Browser Games:

Ki's Word Search (Requires Any Java Enabled Browser)
I'll tell ya, when I first found this Java game, I ended up playing it for hours on end. I used to hate having to do word searches back in school, but I guess that was more because they made me do it. But this is really kewl, especially since you can rescramble the letters and play it again. Check it out!
Trudy's Wumpus World! (Requires JavaScript and Frames)
Perhaps you've heard of the Wumpus World, a test of artificial intelligence that will challenge any programmer's skills. Well, Trudy has trapped the GPF crew in her own little maze. Help Nick, Ki, and Fooker grab their paycheck before Trudy can stop them. Be forewarned; the computer will be playing to, and can beat you to it first!
Fooker's Pointless Trivia! Version 6.0 Now Available!!! Plays in any browser!
In our despiration to come up with stuff for this site, we asked Fooker to help out. And this was his contribution. Can you answer Fooker's bizarre trivia questions? Or will you be left scratching your head, like we do?

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