Support GPF: Referral Codes

Last updated January 3, 2015

Okay, we'll admit that GPF Premium isn't for everyone, and some folks don't have the spare change to buy anything in the Store or leave us a tip. That said, everyone these days are using referral codes to drum up traffic and expand their user base, which can be a win-win scenario for their existing users. So if you're looking for a way to help us out that isn't purely financial, feel free to scan this list and see if there's anything you might find useful. Each link takes you right to the service with our referral code embedded, while the descriptive text spells out exactly what we get in return. Some referrals benefit us a bit more than others, but all of them are definitely appreciated.

Linode (Virtual private server hosting)

Linode is "a VPS hosting company built upon one simple premise: provide the best possible tools and services to those that know what they need—better hosting." Linode provides powerful eight-core Xen-based Linux virtual hosts with your choice of distribution, full root and SSH access, dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, full DNS control, and much more, hosted from six data centers scattered across the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Linode has been GPF's webhost for 5 years and we can only provide a glowing, enthusiastic recommendation for their services.

If you are considering hosting and don't mind getting your hands dirty with Linux, you can sign up for a Linode account using our referral code. If you sign up using our code, we will receive a credit of $20.00 USD, so long as you remain an active customer for 90 days. $20 actually goes a significant way toward helping pay our server bill, so referrals are definitely welcome. (Domain registration)

Hover is a service of Tucows Inc., an ICANN accredited, publicly-traded Internet company serving thousands of businesses and millions of Internet users worldwide since 1994. Their mission: to help you register and manage your domain names as quickly and easily as possible, without the vicious upselling so prevalent with other domain registrars. Their support staff is fast and responsive, often answering questions within minutes. We've been using Hover for 3 years after our previous registrar was gobbled up by a less reputable (and less useful) competitor. While I've had a few minor annoyances with Hover (like their tendancy to switch my domains' technical contact details to their own without telling me), I do recommend them for their speed, simplicity, and no upselling policies. For every purchase made from one of our referrals, we get a credit of $2.00 USD... which doesn't sound like much, but domains are pretty cheap these days.