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The Undisclosed Government Agency or U.G.A. is a highly secret, covert branch of the United States government similar in operation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and National Security Agency (NSA) all rolled into one, only far more secretive. The existence and operations of this organization are so clandestine that supposedly only three sanctioned individuals outside the agency knew of its existence, and not even the President of the United States is aware of its presence. This claim can no longer be made, of course, as more and more unsanctioned outsiders have learned by various means that the organization exists. However, the general populace of the United States and the rest of the world remain ignorant of its operations.

While the exact origins of the agency are unknown, we do know that U.S. Army Colonel Lionel Barker, Fooker and Justin's father, was involved in its early formative stages. Colonel Barker and "Amadeus" hand-picked many of the first operatives, testing and training them themselves. Barker eventually severed his association with the organization when Fooker was accidentally tested instead Justin. Amadeus became so enamored with Fooker's results that Fooker was offered the job over his brother, which infuriated their father. It is assumed that Amadeus was the sole leader of the organization for most of the comic's time line, supposedly receiving his orders from someone else within the U.S. government.

The agency's general practice for evaluating potential field agents is to kidnap the candidate, transport them to a secret location, and subject them to a battery of grueling tests designed to "break the strongest will and the mightiest arm." In theory, only the best of the best of the best will rise to the top and be offered positions. Agents are trained in many diverse skills including martial arts, weapon specialties, code breaking, hacking, the art of disguise, various forms of traditional and electronic espionage, and many other black arts of the spy trade. Every agent is considered to be expendable, and the agency will disavow any knowledge of the agent's activities if they are captured or killed in the line of duty.

U.G.A. agents are typically assigned a number that is a multiple or power of 6. The reason for this numbering scheme has yet to be revealed. In general, the lower the agent's number, the higher their apparent authority or rank within the organization. For example, Agent #6 has a higher authority than Agent #12, who in turn has a higher authority than Agent #18. This numbering scheme apparently applies only to field agents, as no number has been associated with Amadeus or any of the various support staff occasionally featured in the comic. It is unknown whether an agent's number changes over time or whether it remains static for the duration of the agent's service. Some agents are also occasionally known by aliases: Fooker typically responds to "James Baud", while Agent #12 often goes by "Maddie O'Hara". (It is uncertain whether this is merely an alias or Agent #12's real name, but she does respond to it with familiarity.)

At one point in time, a bikini was the standard female U.G.A. uniform. This policy has undoubtedly changed over the years in response to political correctness.

The U.G.A. has played many roles in the GPF universe. The agency was instrumental in defeating the elite criminal cabal C.R.U.D.E. at the Battle of Manhattan in the latter group's bid for world domination. It was responsible for several key victories during the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. In an unofficial capacity, U.G.A. agents assisted one of their former members when Fooker and his friends crossed into an alternate universe to rescue Nick from his evil counterpart.

In that alternate universe, the U.G.A. appears to have operated in a similar capacity as in the GPF universe. The integrity and honor of their agents, however, appears to have been much less credible. That version of Fooker was bribed by Nick to overlook his control over the world's financial markets. Eventually, the entire U.G.A. was bought, conned, or blackmailed into helping Nick conquer the world. Only a handful of agents remained loyal to the concepts of truth, justice, and democracy; Agent #12 refused to be bribed and eventually payed for her loyalty with her life. It is assumed that the "Negaverse" counterpart of the U.G.A. was destroyed when the Empire collapsed, although there is no proof to support this theory.

The U.G.A. maintains a combined base and prison in a secret mountainous location not far from Big Stick, West Virginia in the United States. The prison is used to house some of the U.G.A.'s most notorious convicts, especially those deemed to be a "higher class of international threat". The covert base also currently serves as a de facto headquarters given the number of high-level agents operating from that location. How many other facilities the U.G.A. maintains is currently unknown.

In recent events, "Amadeus" was forced to resign as head of the organization. While the cited reason for his resignation stemmed from "concerns about a British national being in charge of a U.S. spy organization", suspicion began to rise among some agents that other secret factors might be at work. To fill the void, former co-founder Colonel Barker returned to assume command. During his return speech, Colonel Barker warned of a new global threat and implied that U.G.A. itself may be compromised. The last we saw, the entire Big Stick facility entered a lock-down status until every agent had been "screened" to ensure there was no insider threat....

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