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GPF will be on hiatus beginning Monday, October 11th, and will return on Monday, November 1st

GPF is currently on hiatus. Regular updates will resume on November 1st. Until then, please enjoy these reruns from "Jeff's Sketchbook", an exclusive feature of GPF Premium. There will be a new Sketch posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until November 1st. If you'd like to see hundreds more of these Sketches, as well as tons of additional content and surf the site ad-free, please check out the Premium link for more details. To access the regular archive, check out the latest strip or click the Archive Index link in the sidebar.

Hiatus Sketch for October 27, 2021

Hiatus Sketch for October 27, 2021

This Sketch originally appeared in Jeff's Sketchbook on August 14, 2017

Back on March 13, 2017, I shared the first concept sketch of the Grand Protuberance, the Great Skaboola's commander. I also hinted that that Sketch had a companion file that introduced the Supreme Fu, the very top of the Grey High Command. Well, now that the Supreme Fu has made his first appearance in canon, I can safely release that Sketch.

As mentioned in the prior Sketch's commentary, I started by taking the previous Sketch and importing it as a layer into a new file, then resizing it to make it smaller. I then drew the Supreme Fu to scale next to the originals. That said, you can tell that both the Protuberance and the Fu changed a bit between these early concepts and their final execution. The Protuberance ended up a bit larger than in this sketch, while the Fu ended up a bit smaller. I also tried to keep their heads in more in line with the shape of the Skaboola's: more rounded and less flattened than they appear here. The Supreme Fu has a bit less definition in the final strip; his arms are virtually useless and are less pronounced, and he looks more like a sack of fat that could ooze out if his skin didn't keep him contained. However, his legs remain completely hidden, implying that he remains completely stationary and never leaves the Cynosure on the Grey home world.

Like its sister Sketch, this one is undated. However, it was drawn not long after it, probably even the same day. The file date for both files is April 14, 2014, which means I had been waiting to introduce the Supreme Fu for at least three years. It was drawn using Autodesk Sketchbook on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

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