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Year Twenty-Two begins, Jeff's latest interview, and the end of an era...

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[[The inter-dimensional portal opens at the far end of the "funnel" of obstacles set up by August and May James. Shadowy figures being to emerge from it. As they come closer, their features become more distinct. They appear to be somewhat humanoid insect creatures standing on two legs, but with four arms, two of which come from their backs and over their shoulders. Their heads roughly look like a preying mantis, with two large eyes, two smaller eyes, and large, sharp mandibles. They scurry forward in a swarm, ready to overwhelm everything in their path.]]

[[August immediately leaps into action, pummeling one "bug" after another. She has already torn a limb from one of the creatures and holds it ready to use as a club, while pounding another "bug" with a powerful uppercut. In the foreground, Patty turns to the others, gesturing back to the battle scene with her thumb.]]
Patty: Um, is your sister going to be OK up there by herself?

June James: [Mildly dismissive] August? Absolutely? It helps that she's super-strong and invulnerable, though.
Trish: [Turning to April James] A-April? W-what p-powers do y-you have?

[[April turns away from the others and leaps toward the battle. As she does, her hands begin to glow with an odd fiery energy. Her lips curl into a maniacal grin.]]
April: Me? [Shouting] I BLOW $%!% UP!

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