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References: What Fibonacci actually said. How and where it mutated is left up to your imagination...


[[Planck slumps onto a bench outside the infirmary, downtrodden. As he stares blankly into the middle distance, two other drones, Muon and Coulomb, enter the room, pulling their sensor net "caps" off of their heads.]]
Muon: Planck! Bohr has the Skaboola secured in inertial stasis for now.
Coulomb: And the others are going deck by deck, checking in on the drones who aren't used to being independent.

Muon: We're holding the warrior drones who got blown out of the cargo bay in a tractor beam off the port bow. Their pressure suits should sustain them until they finally surrender.

Coulomb: We need to come up with an official explanation to give to the humans.
Muon: And we need to decide what to do next. What do you say, Planck?

[[Plank stares at them blankly.]]
Planck: Why... are you asking ME?
Muon: Fibonacci said you were Pi's second in command.
Coulomb: That makes YOU in charge until he recovers... IF he recovers...

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