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[[The expanded "away team", all now wearing their space suits sans helmets, gather around Nick as explains the next step of the plan.]]
Nick: I want to avoid too many questions from future lunar explorers, so this isn't a strip-mining operation. We're going to leave the Moon's surface as pristine as possible.

[[He holds up a small rectangular device that fills most of his palm. It has a large scoop on the front and caterpillar tracks on the side.]]
Nick: The Greys have replicated a bunch of these little "miner bots". These little guys will sift through the lunar regolith, pull out the target ores, and return the rest back to the soil.

Nick: We'll split off in pairs. Each pair will wrangle a small army of bots. When each bot returns, collect the ore into your cargo sled and send the bot out for another run.

Nick: Everyone pick a partner, then report to Fibonacci and Coulomb for your bot assignments. We'll start beaming down in a few minutes.
[[Dexter, Chris, Trish, and Patty exchange uncertain glances as they realize that, given recent events, pairing off isn't going to be easy.]]

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