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Year Twenty-Two begins, Jeff's latest interview, and the end of an era...

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Nick: [To Chris, Patty, and Trish] No one is "expendable", and no one is considered more valuable than anyone else. We're going to do everything humanly possible to ensure no one gets left behind.

D.C. Smythe: That's an admirable goal, but perhaps not realistic. The danger you face is very real.
Valerie Smith: Take that from a couple of spies who are "expendable" on a weekly basis.

Alpha-Duck: We superheroes put our lives on the line all the time with little reward.
The Inexplicable Speck!: Sometimes you just gotta accept that, one day, you might put on your cowl and never come back.

Alpha-Duck: And as for no one being "more valuable", I have a hunch none of you are going to let Mister Uber-Science Geek fly off into the unknown without a safety net.
[[Nick seems frustrated with everyone's counter arguments, while Fooker cocks a surprised eyebrow.]]

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