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Year Twenty-Two begins, Jeff's latest interview, and the end of an era...

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[[May leads Dexter, Chris, Trish, and Patty through the rubble. Eventually, she perks up and begins running forward enthusiastically.]]
May: There they are! Hey, Auggie! I found a group of stragglers!

[[May approaches three more young women who have gathered among the debris. They are similarly dressed, wearing slight variations of the same bodysuit, jacket, gloves, and boots that May wears. She introduces each woman in turn.]]
May: This is August...
[[August appears to be a tall, statuesque woman in her mid-twenties. She has short-cropped blond hair and strikes a rather authoritative pose with a grim expression.]]
May: June...
[[The second girl is younger and slightly shorter. She appears to be in her late teens and has auburn hair. She wears large, round glasses and bears a serious yet thoughtful expression. She appears to be closely examining a piece of debris and holds a smart device in her other hand.]]
May: ... and April!
[[The last girl looks to be in her mid-teens. Her dark hair is unkempt and unruly, covering half of her face. She sports an aloof, angry expression. She absentmindedly tosses a piece of rubble in her hand as if bored.]]
May: [Grinning back at our heroes] Together they call us the James Sisters!

[[Our view switches back to our heroes. Dexter seems quite interested in the sisterly quartet.]]
Dexter: [Whispering] They're more like the "Jalapeno Sisters"...
Patty: [Whispering while giving him a disapproving glare] Smooth, Dex. Way to objectify our rescuers...
Chris: [Raising an eyebrow similar to Dexter, also whispering] No, I'm with Dex. Blondie over there is pretty hot...
[[Trish gives Chris a mildly surprised look.]]

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