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GPF News (Updated October 4, 2021)
GPF will be on hiatus beginning Monday, October 11th, and will return on Monday, November 1st

GPF is currently on hiatus. Regular updates will resume on November 1st. Until then, please enjoy these reruns from "Jeff's Sketchbook", an exclusive feature of GPF Premium. There will be a new Sketch posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until November 1st. If you'd like to see hundreds more of these Sketches, as well as tons of additional content and surf the site ad-free, please check out the Premium link for more details. To access the regular archive, check out the latest strip or click the Archive Index link in the sidebar.

Hiatus Sketch for October 15, 2021

Hiatus Sketch for October 15, 2021

This Sketch originally appeared in Jeff's Sketchbook on October 12, 2015

Last time I introduced you to the entire James family—August, June, April, and May—as well as gave you a quick rundown of their powers and personalities. This time, I'll expound upon that a bit more, as well share you a rendition of the sisters that's a bit more current.

Let me start off by saying that I really like this sketch. It goes a long way in demonstrating each girl's primary power and personality, and it's visually interesting as well. It's got great composition and some cool line work. This above all other sketches I've done of the sisters has fueled my imagination about their concept, and it was the inspiration to get me to finally break my silence on the project and share it with you guys.

In other words, I think I'm proud of this one.

A few quick notes: Like I said, this one easily demonstrates each girl's main power. August is lifting something heavy over her head, April's powering up to hurl that energy blast, and May looks just a bit creepy as she levitates those bricks around her. This is the first time I've drawn June using her teleportation power; I imagine it working as if she's ripping a brief wormhole through the fabric of time and space, an analogy that may or may not have future story implications. Contrasting with her "punk" look in the previous sketch, April looks a bit more "goth" here and I like this version of her better. As previously stated, however, I might let her experiment with different looks and styles, just like a real girl her age might do as she tries to discover how she sees herself.

I want to talk about their costumes for a minute. As mentioned in an earlier sketch, my original plan was to have August's "suit" actually be her "skin" as provided by the aliens when they "repaired" her, but I decided to ditch that for (hopefully) obvious reasons. Each girl's body, however, is now a mixture of the original human tissue, synthetic alien technology, and a "hybrid" of semi-organic parts. As such, their bare skin is oddly beautiful, but somewhat unsettling for those not used to it, so they wear full body suits with only their faces exposed. The costumes are intended to be similar with slight variations. For example, August wears a leather jacket with long rolled-up sleeves, while May's jacket has shorter half-sleeves and April's is more of vest. In the previous sketch, June's coat was longer; I'm not sure why I drew it shorter here, but I think having the longer jacket works for her. Similarly, each girl's boots are slightly different. As for colors, I imagine all of their costumes keep the same black portions like the area of the neck and upper chest, but I'm not sure if they'll all share August's red color or if each girl's suit will be different. If I decide to color them differently, my thoughts are for June to be blue, May to be yellow, and April to be (maybe) green. I'm strongly considering doing an alternate color version of this sketch to experiment with which scheme I like better.

This sketch was completed on August 9, 2015. It was drawn using AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

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