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Year Twenty-Two begins, Jeff's latest interview, and the end of an era...

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Fibonacci: [Surprised] P-Pi! What are you doing here? M-more importantly, what are THEY doing here? Physarics in the computer core...?
Pi: [Folding his arms across his chest] Never mind them. I have a question.

Pi: Planck says you've been tuning the core to try and optimize Nick's astronomical simulations.
Fibonacci: Y-yes, that's correct. I just applied several new "enhancements".

Pi: He also says that the core is barely keeping up with Nick's algorithm.
Fibonacci: Y-yes, it's very complex. I-it's taking everything I have to squeeze more calculations through--

Pi: [Narrowing his eyes] No, it's not. I've reviewed Nick's code, and the core should have torn through it in an hour. Why is it running so slow...?
Fibonacci: [Sheepishly] M-maybe it's... just... getting tired...?

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