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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

GPF News (Updated November 6, 2023)
GPF's 25th anniversary, The Entroy War is half-way done, Jeff's plans after GPF, the future of Premium, and more...

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[[The scene shifts back to the infirmary, where Doctor Melanie Granger is ordering her impromptu nurses Chris, Trish, and Patty around. Chris and Trish roll in a cart filled with unidentified medical tools.]]
Chris: We've gathered all the equipment you asked for, Doc.
Granger: Excellent, Chris! [Pointing toward a nearby display] Trish, you keep an eye on those numbers for me and let me know if they change.

Granger: [Turning back to Chris] Chris, spread those tools out on the cart so I can see them. Normally I'd ask a nurse to just hand me things, but I don't know what half of those are for, so I don't expect you to.

[[Patty enters the room holding a small cylindrical canister.]]
Patty: [To Granger] Here's that gel you asked for...
Granger: Great, Patty. [She hands Patty a pair of gloves.] Now put on these gloves and smear a generous helping of that stuff all over Ki's abdomen.

[[Patty puts on a glove and notices something odd.]]
Patty: It would help if these gloves had more than two fingers...
Granger: True, but that stuff is a topical anesthetic. If you don't use the gloves, you won't feel a thing for a week.

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