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[[Nic continues his conversation with "Nega-Nick", who has mysteriously appeared before him.]]
Nick: [Grimly] I am NOT a villain.
Nega-Nick: [Grinning wickedly] Aren't you, though? You LOVE to play the hero, yes, but deep down, we're not so different. You're just as selfish and conceited as I am, and you know it.

Nega-Nick: You play all your cards close to your chest. Why? Because "no one else will understand what I'm trying to do"? Or is it because you want all the glory for yourself? You cad!

Nega-Nick: I'll bet you're delaying bringing back the planet until just the right glorious moment...
Nick: [Scowling] Why are you here? Why NOW? And why are you dressed in that ridiculous outfit?

Nega-Nick: Don't ask me. I'M the figment of YOUR imagination. I suspect you dress me this way because YOU can't bear to see MY face looking back at you in the mirror.

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