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References: The first appearance of Dwayne's "SUCCESS" poster; And for those who can't make out the plaque (hey, I'll admit, it's tiny and hard to read), it says "Patty Johnson, Trish Marshall"


[[Sharon, Patty, Trish, and Chris all exchange awkward, uncertain glances. None of them seem sure of the best way to communicate without speaking. Trish looks toward Chris, who shrugs.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] OK, a verbal recap is out of the question. I guess, worst case scenario, we could pantomime what we've found. And I kept meaning to learn sign language...

[[Chris pulls out a stapler she must have picked up in another room. Like the pens Sharon toyed with in the other room, the stapler freezes in midair as soon as Chris releases it.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] Yep, they saw that too. Good. Trying to explain the whole "time bubble" thing was going to be a royal pain.

[[Trish gestures toward the opposite wall. Hanging there is a motivational poster with a water droplet falling into a pool of water, forming ripples. Underneath in bold letters is the world "SUCCESS".]]
Sharon: [Thinking] Oh, look at that. Whoever owns this office is a fan of those motivational posters, too. That one is Dwayne's favorite. He has it hanging all over the place at GPF.

[[Patty gestures toward the other wall, were a small name plaque resides next to an open doorway.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] And they have little name plaques like ours. Why, that one even says...
[[She reads it carefully. The plaque reads "Patty Johnson, Trish Marshall".]]
Sharon: [Thinking, coming to a realization] Oh...

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