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Year Twenty-Two begins, Jeff's latest interview, and the end of an era...

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[[Furious, Nick snatches the bag of potato chips out of Dexter's hand.]]
Nick: That's it, I've HAD it! I'm THROUGH with this irresponsible nonsense! It's no WONDER these people are angry! They have every RIGHT to be!

Nick: [Glaring at the GPF staff] What's worse, you all KNOW we need to conserve every watt of "battery power" we can! We can't bring the Earth back if we've squandered all of our juice!

Nick: From this point forward, every "away mission" must be logged and approved by me personally. No more "snack runs" and pointless fetch quests. No exceptions!

Nick: [Turning to Fooker] Fooker, I'm putting you in charge of keeping those helmets clear, and I authorize you to bust heads for violations.
Fooker: [Snapping a salute] Sir, yes, sir!

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