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[[We move to the conference room where the GPF gang has gathered to watch, and ideally contribute to, the alliance negotiations. As Dexter, Trish, and Patty talk in the background, Trudy sits at the table, her chin in her hand, seemingly bored and distracted. A voice addresses her from behind.]]
Voice: Hola, muchacha.

[[Fooker pulls out the chair beside Trudy. She mildly surprised to see him.]]
Trudy: I thought you were beaming over to the flagship with Nick.
Fooker: Too many delegates, with the Molds and Pi-an-Planck already going. So I'm slumming here in the dugout.

Fooker: [Cocking an eyebrow] Didn't expect to find YOU here. I thought you were hanging with Sharon and Ki down in Sick
Trudy: No, thank you. Believe me, Sharon's the only one who wanted me there.

Trudy: Besides, I have a vested interest in this conversation.
Fooker: Ah, yes. Nega-Nerd. Oh, believe me, his ears will be burnin' like a bonfire tonight.

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