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GPF News (Updated November 2, 2020)
Year Twenty-Two begins, Jeff's latest interview, and the end of an era...

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[Comic for Wednesday, May 5, 2021]


[[As Nick approaches the conference room door, he overhears a heated argument in progress between the search "volunteers" and some of the other "survivors" who didn't volunteer to help search for the Earth. One man in particular seems rather vocal...]]
Man 1: [Angrily] You've been holding out on us! How long were you planning to keep us in the dark?
Sharon: "Holding out"? We literally just found the thing!

Man 1: Oh, that's rich! I'll be they've known where it was all along!
Woman: That Brown guy was right! They're taking care of themselves first!
Man 2: We demand to see our families!

Fooker: Listen up, you bozos. Ain't nobody givin' anybody no preferential treatment!
Patty: We're still making sure that everything's safe!
Man 1: Liar! How gullible do you think we are?

[[As he enters the door, Nick is obviously fed up. He angrily shouts:]]
[[The unexpected interruption from such a ordinarily quiet source forces everyone in the room to become deathly silent.]]

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