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[[Trudy straightens up and gestures toward the door.]]
Trudy: Look, this is fun and all, but I have other things to attend to. So if you don't mind...
Ki: Not a problem, Trudy. Thanks for stopping by.
Sharon: Bye, big sis! I'll catch up with you at lunch!

[[As Trudy proceeds down the hall, her expression darkens. For the moment, we can still see Ki and Sharon through the door, enjoying their conversation.]]
Trudy: [Thinking to herself] "Family"... "Planning for the future"... Must be nice to be so care-free and oblivious. Then again, you don't have nearly the baggage with our parents that I have...

Trudy: [Thinking, her expression softening] I can't begrudge Sharon for wanting to reconnect, and I'll admit I'm on better terms with Dad now than I've ever been. But none of that erases decades of mistrust.

[[She wraps her arms tightly around herself defensively, and her expression becomes sad and worried.]]
Trudy: [Thinking] But what kind of future do I have? When the Earth is back and we all go home, where the heck does that leave ME...?

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  • NPR headline reads "Video games are tough on you because they love you," with a screenshot of the infamous Elden Ring "You died" screen. I don't care what NPR says. I know when to bail on an abusive relationship. 6 days ago
  • RT @SwiftOnSecurity: If you're feeling lonely this holiday, just tweet "if you can't push to prod on thanksgiving you're not a real devops" and a whole community of people will keep you company. 8 days ago
  • RT @nuggie99: @gpfjeff they might be developers "hook the kafka docker to the hadoop data lake with spark and hive something something" 11 days ago
  • New game for parents: Your child has begun shouting vaguely word-like streams of random syllables. Are they playing at making up a new language, or are they playing the latest new Pokemon game? 11 days ago
  • I haven't had a chance to play yet myself, but watching my son play... holy cow, does Pokemon Scarlet/Violet look BUGGY. Jittery, jumpy animations (especially at a distance); clipping through walls/ground; just saw him engage in a battle on top of a wall for now apparent reason. 11 days ago

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