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Year Twenty-Two begins, Jeff's latest interview, and the end of an era...

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[[Dexter stands parallel to the ground, his feet planted on the wall of the shipping container where the "weak spot" portal has opened. Bracing himself against the container, he holds onto June James' hand, the only part of her still on this side of the portal.]]
Dexter: [Gritting his teeth] I-I've got her... but I don't know how much longer I can hold on...
[[August James turns to Patty and Trish, who are still standing near the portal but haven't passed through yet.]]
August: Patty, Trish, you'd better hop through now while you've still got a chance!

[[Behind August, her other sisters, April and May, are battling the "bugs". April is blasting several of them with her energy bolts.]]
April: Auggie, these bugs is getting thicker! We gotta close that portal!
August: [Mildly cursing] Blast it...
May: I'll help Dexter!

Dexter: [Straining] Her hand... is slipping out... of her glove...
May: I'll try to brace you on this side with my powers. If you can lean in, maybe I can--

[[Patty spots one of the "bugs'" massive claws reaching out to snatch May.]]
Patty: May! Look out!
[[May spins at the shout, startled by the "bug" attacking her.]]
May: YIPE!
[[Surprised by the shout, Dexter loses his grip on June's hand.]]

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