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GPF will be on hiatus beginning Monday, October 3rd, and will return on Monday, October 31st

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[[Dexter and Patty have beamed back up to the Grey ship. Euler stands at the controls of the teleporter and "greets" them unenthusiastically.]]
Euler: [Annoyed] Transport complete. Your ore has been beamed directly to Cargo Hold Four for processing.
Patty: [Beginning to remove her helmet] Thanks, Euler.

Dexter: [Removing his helmet] We should clear the way for the next pair to beam up...
Patty: [With a mischievous smile] True, but before we go too far, I owe you something...

[[Patty leaps toward Dexter and wraps her arms around his neck, dangling. Instinctively, he wraps his arms around her to catch her and keep her from falling. Now that they are face to face and without helmets, she plants a kiss directly on his lips. Dexter is obviously surprised by the gesture. Behind them, Chris and Trish emerge from the teleporter and remove their own helmets. Both seem pleasantly surprised with the scene they've walked into.]]
Chris: [To Trish, smiling] Something tells me you don't need to tell Dex after all...

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  • Quick update regarding the upcoming hiatus: The time off has been certainly worth it. Not only have I gotten some much-needed rest, but scripting on the next (and final) major GPF story is going better than I hoped. There's meat on them plot bones now, and all it needs is polish. 9 days ago
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  • RT @TerrenceMarks: Nukees reached an end after 25 years. That was one of the strips that inspired me to do comics and Im glad I recently caught back up on it. Looking forward to whatever Gav does next. 27 days ago
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  • The Forgers (Yor, Loid, and Anya), the titular "family" of "Spy x Family", the cutest anime about spies, telepaths, and assassins around. Autodesk Sketchbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Sketch, inks, and color comparison coming (eventually) to GPF Premium. 2 months ago

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