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Planck: [Concerned] These sensor nets are delicate and difficult to synthesize. We only have a handful on hand. There's no way we can outfit an entire insurrection with them.
Pi: [Examining one of the nets as he thinks to himself] Hmm...

Pi: Maybe we don't have to. The whole point is to block the Skaboola's telepathy. If we can't mask everyone else, maybe we just have to block the signal at its source...

Fibonacci: W-wait... do you mean...?
Planck: [Excited] Put the net on HIM rather than US! Pi, you're a genius!
Pi: I wouldn't go that far. Besides, there's one big hitch in that plan...

Pi: Getting to the Skaboola without getting caught... or killed...
Bohr: A difficult, but not insurmountable, obstacle when one has access to his security detail...

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