April Fools!

April Fools Day seems to have a bit of a tradition around here at GPF, ever since our initial participation in the April Fools Day swaps of the late 1990s. When I stopped participating in that, I started doing a few small things every year, like reversing the strip's colors or making the strip a mirror image of the original. I would then restore the image (and usually the front page as well) to normal afterward as if nothing happened.

Well, I actually didn't have anything planned for April Fools day this year until just this week. I was going to let it completely slide (and say something like "April Fools! I didn't do anything this year!") until Chris Wright over at Help Desk gave me this idea. He's been going around telling everyone it's my fault that he's been doing more detailed artwork in his strip this week for its tenth anniversary. (An enviable milestone to be sure.) He keeps comparing his work to mine, which gave me the idea.... What if I did GPF in some sort of rough-hewn, cut-and-paste style, which is entirely the opposite of what I really do? (This isn't a dig at Chris, BTW, as he puts a great deal of time and effort into designing his clip-art style work before reusing it a billion times.) Thus, today's strip.

Of course, working in advance as far as I do, I originally prepared a normal version of the strip, which you will find below. This strip will overwrite the April Fools strip with tomorrow's update. (If you continue to see the joke strip tomorrow, make sure to clear your browser's cache.)

[Today's Original Strip]