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[[Fooker, Ki and Nick look on as Wisebottom pulls back a large piece of cloth.]]
Wisebottom: Be as skeptical as you want, my nephew, but my newest invention will certainly revolutionize all our lives.
Wisebottom: Viola!

[[The invention is unveiled: it is a machine with a seat, two prominent levers in the front and a large disk mounted at the back. The disk has five spokes with strange, symmetrical patterns between them. It looks suspiciously like the prop time machine from the 1960 film "The Time Machine"]]
Nick: What... is it?
Wisebottom: It's a time machine. Can't you tell?

Nick: Well, it does kinda have that George Pal look, but only a total geek would know--
Fooker: _I_ knew it was a time machine...

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