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[Comic for Monday, December 25, 2000]


[[Nick's Place. Nick opens the door to let in Fooker, bearing chips and salsa]]
Fooker: Yo, Nickster! Got your e-mail, so here I am! Even brought chips and salsa...
Nick: Kewl, come on in...

[[Inside, Fooker takes his jacket off while Nick looks at the salsa in puzzlement]]
Ki: Joining us for the big sci-fi movie marathon, Fooker?
Fooker: Yep. I wanted to have it at my place, but Nick ixnayed that...
<<Nick: ?>>

Ki: Gee, I wonder why...
[[Fooker notices Nick's old yearbook]]
Fooker: Ah, sweet! Nick's old college yearbook!
Nick (thinking): Uh, oh...

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