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[[Fooker, slime molds, Ki, and Nick are talking in Nick's apartment]]
Nick: Trudy's not out to get us. I've talked with Dwayne, and he agrees.
Fooker: Then she's got you both fooled.

[[Silhouettes through window]]
Ki: Okay, let's not fight. Trudy or not, we ought to agree to protect Fred and Persephone's secret.
Nick: Agreed.

[[Pull back to see Chuck on a nearby building, watching the crew through the window]]
Fooker: By the way, where is Trudy? She's been on vacation for a while now.
Nick: She never said where she was going.

[[In front of Chuck, we can see he's looking through binoculars]]
Ki: "She can stay there, for all I care..."
Chuck: Getting all this, my mistress?
Unknown (Trudy): Excellent work, Chuck!

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