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[[An administrator is speaking to a panicked Gav, as Trudy looks on with an evil grin.]]
Gav: Disqualified?! B-But how?!?
Administrator: According to our sources, you were once quoted as saying you'd be a "benevolent fascist dictator."
Gav: Who shot who in the what?!

[[Close up on a saddened Gav, with the administrator in the background.]]
Gav: But I was only trying to pick up a girl in a bar!
Administrator: Then it's also a terrible pick-up line. However, benevolence is not a trait we can accept in this organization.
Gav: She ran away though...

[[Gav whirls around to face Trudy, who makes a show of inspecting her fingernails.]]
Gav: You told them, didn't you? How in the world...?
Trudy: I told you... I keep tabs on the competition...
Gav: Then dinner...?
Trudy: ...Is off.

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