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[Comic for Sunday, July 1, 2001]


[[Nick, Fooker, Ki, Persephone, and Fred in Fooker's apartment. Nick and Fooker are seated on the couch in the background, playing an intense "P2S" console game. Ki is sitting at a table, by Persephone and a glasses-wearing book-reading Fred.]]
Ki: Persephone, if you split off from Fred, why are you yellow while he's green? I mean, genetically, you should be identical...
Persephone: Very simple, Ki...

Persephone: Do you know why "Star Trek" Klingons got those funky foreheads between the TV show and the movies?
Ki: Um... no...
Persephone: My point has been made.

Persephone: Actually, we both have some chameleon-like abilities, and sometimes our colors change slightly with our emotions. Watch.

Persephone: Fred, did you know Fooker wiped out your Pavarotti MP3 collection to make room for his archive of online comic strips?
Fred (turning red and losing the glasses): WHAT?!

Fred: Then let's see how well his CD-R works when the laser is covered in green slime...
Persephone: Between us girls, I'm really the smart one. I just act dumb to stoke his ego...

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