General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[A title card reads: "General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations: Prologue: Rhymes and Ruminations". A puppet version of Trudy rises over what appears to be a miniature version of the Earth, which sports an unusual glow around it. Puppet Trudy wiggles her arms frantically.]]
Puppet Trudy: Muhahahahaha! Soon, the world shall be in my grasp! No one can stop me now!

[[Puppet versions of Nick, Fooker, and Ki enter from the right, also wiggling their arms. Puppet Trudy moves to the left and seems to grasp the Earth between her hands.]]
Puppet Fooker: Not so fast, Evil Trudy! We are the good guys! We will stop your nefarious plot!

[[Puppet Trudy grabs puppet Nick by the head, pulling him toward her. Puppet Ki raises her hands to her mouth in exaggerated surprise.]]
Puppet Trudy: Ha! As long as I have your buddy Nick, all the world is my toy!
Puppet Ki: Oh, no!

[[Suddenly, a female hand in a black glove appears, flicking puppet Trudy out of the panel. The other puppets are no longer visible.]]
Mischief: Then suddenly, the omnipotent Mischief smites all the mortals with a simple flick of her finger!

[[Our view pulls back to reveal Mischief floating in space with her legs crossed, the tiny sphere of the Earth floating next to her. She tosses the Nick, Fooker, and Ki puppets out of frame in a careless fashion as she rests her chin in her other hand.]]
Mischief: Could I be any more bored?

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