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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Sunday, December 2, 2001]


[[Inside a clothing store.]]
Ki: Ooo... this'll be perfect for my mom.
Nick: Hmph.

Ki: What's your problem, Mr. Scrooge?
Nick: I hate the over commercialization of Christmas.

Nick: Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of celebration, not of sales, price gouging, and greed. It seems we as a society spend more time fighting over toys and gifts than thinking of others.

Nick: Sure, there's the superficial signs of giving, but it's overshadowed by lust for materialism. And furthermore--

{{While Nick is not paying attention, Ki places a santa hat on Nick's head. She takes a moment to look amused.}}

Nick: Are you happy?
Ki: I am now! {{Laughing}}

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