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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Sunday, January 13, 2002]


{{Surreptitious Machinations, Chapter 2: The Juggernaut Unleashed}}

[[Dwayne is going over some figures at his desk]]
Dwayne [[thinking]]: I can't believe it... *another* month of straight losses... this time we're *really* in the red...

[[Dwayne mulls over some notices marked "Past Due"]]
Dwayne [[thinking]]: It *can't* be the market downturn... it's actually picked back up. No, we're just losing customers and not replacing them.

[[He gets up and walks away from his desk, trying to concentrate]]
Dwayne [[thinking]]: How could this happen?! We've been growing for six years straight. Even Y2K didn't slow us down. No, something else is wrong.

Dwayne [[thinking]]: It's like someone's going in and taking our customers from beneath us. Either that, or spreading false rumors about us. Even Trudy's marketing wizardry isn't helping matters.

[[Dwayne walks along the corridor, lost in worried thought. A door stands ajar behind him]]
Dwayne [[thinking]]: So now what do I choose...? Does my family eat this week, or do I pay my employees' paychecks? Decisions, decisions...

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