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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Judge from Help Desk is © Copyright 2002, Christopher B. Wright. Used with permission.

[Comic for Sunday, March 10, 2002]


[[Trudy is stepping down from the witness stand.]]
Ki (whispers): Wow... Trudy actually gave Fooker some excellent testimony...
Nick (whispers): I TOLD you she wasn't evil and out to get him.

[[Trudy returns to her seat, behind Nick & Ki.]]
Trudy (whispers): I only hope I could be of some help to poor Fooker...
Maddie: The Defense calls Charles Walker to the stand.

Ki (whispers): Charles Walker? Who's that?
Nick (whispers): I think that's Fooker's neighbor, Chuck. We've never met him...

[[Chuck walks in, head down and eyes closed.]]

[[Chuck looks at Fooker, who smiles and gives him the thumbs-up.]]

[[Chuck looks away, closing his eyes tightly.]]
Fooker: ?
Chuck (thinks): Sorry, F-Man... Forgive me some day...

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